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Amazon Wish List

Many people have asked us how they can support us outside of fundraising or sponsorship events. 


We have put together an Amazon Wish List which contains products that we send out to patients during their cancer treatments.  We have found the encouragement that these gifts bring, whether they be on a practical level or just as a sheer indulgence has a tremendous iimpact on mental wellbeing.

The products on this list range in price from £2.00 to £50.00.  All the products listed go directly to local cancer patients who are undergoing cancer treatments or the ongoing effects of their treatments.

Please click on the following button to go directly to our Amazon Wish List Page.

Disclaimer:  We are aware that Amazon can divide people's opinion but as a small charity this is very convenient for us.  We do not wish to make this List a political issue and would urge that anyone who feels uneasy about supporting us through this link, please refrain.

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