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About Us

How the charity began

Karen and Jayne became friends after both being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. They both found it helpful to be able to talk with others who had gone through cancer.  They share a passion in helping those with cancer regain a sense of control and hope and in 2013 Above & Beyond was formed. 

In July 2017, Above & Beyond, became officially known as

Above & Beyond Cancer Foundation and gained official charity

status with the Charities Commission.




Personal Support through Personal Experience

Our Philosophy

There are many things we can do together to ensure that through this challenging time, we can live to the fullest.  Dealing with cancer involves being emotionally and physically resilient.  

How we can help

We have a personal support network, that is not primarily group focused. We believe that people are best helped one to one.  We can provide a listening ear, point you to resources and help you with your understanding so that you equip yourself for the challenge ahead.

Where we operate

We predominantly operate in Central Bedfordshire and some of the surrounding areas. Our aim is to stay reasonably local..

Our cuddly friends that helped us get through...

Hope the dog

Chemo Bear

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